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Your magazine touched my heart, the articles are wonderfully written. It’s just as if my hidden inner being is revealed.

Brigitte, Shoreline, WA

Thank you for continuing and expanding the magic of Creations. Years ago, when I heard the magazine was to be sold, I was concerned it would lose at least some of the vibe that made it so delicious. If anything, it has just gotten better and better. Thank you for that. Your omnipresent willingness to help readers along on their paths, along with the fact that I’ve been reading and loving your publication for so many years combine to make Creations an ideal venue.

Nancy, NY

I was so completely touched by the last issue of Creations and overwhelmed by the article that was a tribute to someone’s mother. The magazine’s content is so forward thinking and yet, so personal…what a great combination.

Elizabeth, Massapequa, NY

I read my copy of Creations cover to cover…I enjoy all the articles and found them down to earth and inspiring. (I’m so tired of those New Age magazines that celebrate flakiness.) You did a great job editing my article and maintaining the integrity of the piece.

Steven, New York, NY

“I find your online calendar page amazing and quite easy to read. In your hardcopy edition I especially enjoyed your “walk.”

Shlomit, Long Beach, NY

I truly look forward to reading each new Creations publication. The magazine has answered many questions and offered me much inspiration on my journey.

Tracy, Long Island, NY

The magazine looks wonderful. I love the poems page, just beautiful.

Kathryn, Huntington, NY

I choose your magazine because it provides such quality content, useful information and unique articles for its readers, as well as having a general passion for all things, healthy, creative, and inspiration orientated.

Kate, Tampa, FL

Thank you again for your interesting and informative magazine, and for publishing poetry.

Karen, Long Island, NY

A number of poets told me they had seen these poems. Indeed, I have heard poets talk about poems in Creations whose authors they knew. Creations is being followed by the poets.

Maxwell, Freeport, NY

Your site is a labyrinth of imagination, a sparkling tapestry of spiritual expression. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to peruse the whisperings of your soul. Thank you for your creativity and individuality.

Michael, Canada

The last issue is beautiful. I’m seeing a great shift in the number and quality of your advertisers—which means that they, and I’m sure plenty of others, are enjoying the substance of your articles. And the cover is gorgeous.

Martin, Australia

I have a great admiration for your work with your publication. And, thank you for your positive approach to publishing, so apparent in your magazine

Chris, Ronkonkoma, NY

I’ve read Creations for years now my kids read it too for their sanity! Thanks,

Lori, New York

Where don’t I find Creations Magazine is more the question…It is widely read by my spiritual community here in Smithtown/St. James

Claudia, Long Island, NY

You are doing a fantastic job with Creations Magazine. It’s light-years ahead of what it was—much more accessible and readable design, more compelling covers, high-level articles, and really nice editorial messages from you. Congratulations.

Rachel, Sunnyside, NY

Your magazine has always been one of honesty and respect…thank you for maintaining an authentic publication.We enjoy the positive energy that Creations Magazine sends each issue.

Connie and Sal, East Setauket, NY

I just visited your website and can still feel its wonderful energy. Creations Magazine is beautiful. Thank you for lifting me into the light—for sending the vibration of well-being into the world. With much peace and light.

Robin, Rochester, NY

I have enjoyed your magazine for years. Thank you so much for publishing such wonderful and enlightening work. Every time I read it I learn…it truly leaves me feeling more energized and at peace. The two of you are a true inspiration and are so lucky to have each other to walk through life with.

Sincerely, Claire, Manorville, NY

Andrea and Neil, you two are AMAZING. Thank you so much for sup-porting original art, media and music that is often called “New Age”. Wow! I’m real-ly so impressed with your webzine. Looks like a huge labor of love. Well done!!! I for one know how much work it takes to launch something like this. And all for the much needed message of “peace and love” towards our planet and her inhabitants, and to support the labors of hard working artists—BRAVO! We artists would be lost without people like you. My husband and I are working artists and looking at your pic—wish we were neighbors! If you are ever in the Napa Valley—please look us up!! Peace and Blessings,

Cadence, Napa Valley, CA

Hello, I’d like to subscribe to your magazine—I find it absolutely fascinating. Thank you.

Pearman, Athens, GA

I really enjoy all the great articles and information that you provide in this awesome publication. May joy be experienced daily for you and your family.

Theresa, Huntington Station, NY

I enjoy reading the poems you publish in the magazine. I usually pick up a copy of Creations on a Sunday morning. It sets such a peaceful tone, especially in these hectic times.

Robert, NY

I want to thank your magazine for the endless internal connections it has personally assisted me in. Your platform and message are amazing.

Max, New York, NY

I’m not only a contributor, I’m also a reader of Creations Magazine. My initial purpose of writing haiku was just to write it and develop it into a new style of writing that everyone (includ-ing myself) can understand. Other than this I was astonished by the response to the music review of my CD “Under The Sky.”It has opened many doors for me, which wouldn’t have happened without being affiliated with Creations Magazine. With Devotion,

Gerald, Roosevelt Island, NY

I just want to say that your creative love for one another shines through your wonderful Creations Magazine. I so enjoy your beautiful offering every two months.

Love, Nancy, Long Island, NY

I offer my blessing to you for the work you have done in building spiritual awareness in our world and to your continued success toward that end.

David, California

I am a big fan of your magazine - thanks so much for gifting me with a few of the recent issues that I could read on the flight back here to CA - excellent quality journalism!

Dr. Will Tuttle, author The World Peace Diet